how do you pronounce "pech"? is it peck, petch, or peach? that's a very good question! it's actually pronounced "pesh" 

what kind of camera do you shoot with? originally, we used a canon rebel DSLR, but now use a canon 6D

do you use a macro lens? we do not own or use a macro lens. instead we shoot with 50mm, 16-35mm, and 18-55mm

what are the miniature figures used, and do you make them? they are designed and painted in germany for model train sets and architecture models. they are HO scale, or 1:87 ratio to life size

are the images photoshopped? no, all photos are taken as raw images using the actual figures in the natural or created environment

where/how do you print the photos? all images are printed on fuji deep matte or luster photo paper in a professional print house. each print has a white border, or faux matting, and is hand signed

when can i expect my prints to arrive and do you ship internationally? typically, all orders ship within 5-7 business days and we gladly ship worldwide. a flat rate is charged for all domestic and international orders

do you offer framing? YES! we used to frame them ourselves, but we have recently partnered with an awesome, affordable framing company, Simply Framed. you can choose this option while placing your online order